Chris Graunke's Innovative Customs
Location: Chicago Illinois
     Hey! How are ya? Glad to see that you've come over to check out the site. What do I do here you ask? That's a great question, you see I am, among many many others, a customizer of the Transformers toy line. Why do this you ask? Why not? The story behind these toys, if you are unfamiliar with it, is this. You see the idea of the entire line is civil war. A civil war that rages not only among a small population on a continent of a planet, but the entire planet itself.

     This story is one that has captured my attention since I was so small I can't even remember. And since the days of my childhood the toy line has grown and expanded from a simplistic chain of turns and flips of limbs to the complication of flipping, turning, folding, and rotating to go from an awesome Peterbilt truck to a massive 10" robot. These toys have gone from having almost zero detailing on them to having so much to bring out.
     And this is where I, and others like me, come in. We've been here since the beginning of this line, and will be around until the end of it, if not beyond it. We are the proud people that paint, modify, alter, and in some of the most incredible cases (here's looking at you encline designs, frenzy_rumble's amazing action figures, and my good friend savio prime of totally scratch build our own toys. Designs we've seen and the official producers of the line have not yet, or may not ever make available to the general public. So again, you ask why, when I and many other ask why not. We do this to give a feeling of LIFE to these beautifully sculpted and detailed toys. Welcome to MY world.

The How:

So are you finding yourself asking why I say innovative? It's fine, no worries, let me explain. See I like accuracy. These toys are based on, mostly anyway, real life every day machinery, and in some cases animals as well. What I do, in conjunction with an out of state friend, is modify and repaint these nifty little pieces of plastic. I use all types of methods and paints. There are many many others out there better at what they do than I, I won't say otherwise. However what I do is something a bit unique I think. What I do is try to bring all methods of painting and detailing into each of my projects. The paints I use range from acrylics, enamels, 2 different types of lacquers (tamyia model sprays, and automotive lacquers) as well as automotive grade polyurethane paints. I also bring into the game 2 modified fine point brushes for the smallest details I can get at. Next up are techniques learned through others such as dry brushing for a worn battle look, as well as allowing for a lighter shade of the base color for highlights. Lastly I use paint washes to heighten details where need be. If you're still interested to see what all these techniques brought together look like, please feel free to check out the projects and gallery pages.  The projects page has all work in progress pictures, and the gallery is where all my completed customs have their moments! Thank you so much for your time, and if you want to talk. I'm very much up for it!